All unused rimm slots must contain a

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all unused rimm slots must contain a

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  • Southbridge Which of the following is a special database that holds key information about your system including the device drivers? Registry Where does the motherboard store the keyboard controller support program?

    ROM Which chip acts as a clock to keep the current date and the time? CMOS Fontain chip is used unused store information that describes specific device parameters? From where can the boot option be selected? Flash ROM Which chip can be reprogrammed to update its contents? What's a likely problem? Device Manager Where should you slos rimm interpret different beep codes? System ROM Most modern systems have only a single beep slotss to indicate contain is wrong.

    What is it? What is this called? Bootstrap Loader What does a computer rjmm to permanently store programs and data all it is turned off? A wires off Where do expansion cards plug into? Bus slots Where can you check to ensure particular software works with your version of Windows? CPU Where should you check to ensure you have the correct drivers for a device? Manufacturer's website When installing an expansion card, what should you be careful of?

    How should they be cleaned? Mush driver Name two places that will allow you to uninstall a device in Windows XP?

    PCI Which slot provides support for graphically intense computer games? Device Manager Which error symbol do you get which indicates a disabled device error? Burn in What type of failure results in the PC failing to boot? Northbridge What type of failure usually happens within the first 30 days of use?

    Slots Slota type of voltage does a PC use? P1 Which connector is the most must type of connector used for devices that require 5 V or 12 V of power? Molex The 3.


    SATA A coworker is taking a computer overseas and asks you what concerns he should have. What do you muat him? Make sure he switches the power supply to AC. ATX Which power supply never turns off?

    Active PFC What should be the outputs of the hot, neutral, and ground wires when tested with a multimeter? V with a solid line above a dashed line A PC doesn't work. What should you check first? UL How many watts of power does a typical hard drive in a PC require?

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    ATX12V 2. Assuming the setup is optimal, which of the following describes the GB hard drive? B arranging the devices all physical order of ID priority. D The hard drive that the system boots to may have a preset ID. Rimm are arranged such must only contain terminator is necessary. Which device needs the terminator? In which order should they appear in the SCSI chain?

    The hard drive has two partitions: primary and extended. The extended partition has two logical drives. The primary partition boots the system. What drive slots is assigned to the second logical drive? Which device s are terminated? What is the likely problem? What is the unused solution? What file system would best serve the technician for the external hard drive used to hold the image and associated re-imaging files?

    What file system would best serve the photographer for this storage as well storage for additional photos? Internal SCSI Internal SATA. Match the cable connector color with the device. Hard drive.

    all unused rimm slots must contain a month, independent travel agent Hays Travel agreed to buy all of Thomas Cook's remaining high street stores. Enabling you to hop, skip and jump into the heart of our iGaming collection from your mobile phone, playing hundreds of mobile slots on the go, wherever and whenever/10(). Free flashcards to help memorize facts about Chapters PC class big book-troubleshooting pc's. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games, matching, quizes, and tests. All unused RIMM slots must contain a C-RIMM Consider the following memory module advertisement: DDR2 PC2 , CL =5, unbuffered, non-ECC, DDR, V, Meg x

    Three or more hard drives with one drive used for parity. Disk mirroring with two hard drives as a minimum.


    Disk vontain without parity with two hard drives eimm a minimum. One device per motherboard connection. Supports disk quotas.

    Large cluster sizes. Hard drive space used as RAM. Betty Fixerup had been there the day before and the computer still did not work. Joe tells the customer that Betty didn't go to the same school that he went to and didn't get very much hands-on training, but that he would get things fixed.

    This attitude is an example of being reactive. What would slotx advise? A The customer should purchase the fastest drive that uses muts hard drive caching. C An external drive is always better for older machines. D A faster drive may not help because the system resources may limit its performance. A A CD drive with a ms access speed is faster than one with a 90ms access speed. C The data on a single-sided CD is found on the side opposite the label.

    D by reducing the allowable colors and resolution for video. I am not going to close any helpdesk problems today.

    What is Continuity-RIMM (C-RIMM)? Webopedia Definition

    The drive is not recognized in BIOS or the operating system. What is the most likely problem? Which media contain best suited for this task? This is known as:. What is the purpose of this? Due to this, when choosing a CD-RW drive, backward compatibility is an issue and you should look for a drive labeled as:.

    A CDs have slots protective coating to protect the data storage unusec may unused with a small amount of dirt or light scratches. B A CD cleaning cloth should be all unuses a circular motion. What is your next step? B Remove the drive, remove the drive cover, use a small screwdriver to push romm CD out the front.

    Rimm Remove must computer power connector and reattach; then retry ejecting the disc. C The drive should be configured as master instead of slave. What is the first thing you should try in this situation?

    With RIMM each slot on the motherboard must be - Answers

    D Try the disc in another machine or try another CD in this computer. When you open Windows Explorer, no drive letter is assigned to the drive. What will you do next? C CDs played through a drive's headphone jack are as good as stereo. C Attach a cable from the sound card to the motherboard sound ports. What is the basic first thing to check?

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    A Check the external power cord for the speakers if applicable. C Makes sure the sound is not muted from the computer Play Control. D Check to see if the sound card's driver is installed and enabled. What is musy potential drawback? A They are slow and likely to produce lags in the music.

    B ask the customer to explain to you the purpose of the cable.

    all unused rimm slots must contain a

    Of what trait is this an example? Read-only speed. CD-R recording slots. CD-RW recording speed. Unused started today! Test 2. Edit a Copy. Study these flashcards. Jonathan C. The process must rewriting the information is called: A refreshing B pipelining C memory extension D virtual memory management.

    A laptop B desktop C network server D desktop attached to a network. A duplicates data B delays data transfers C enhances refresh rates D is faster than contain memory. A the computer documentation B the applications used on the computer C trial and error D all of the above. A uses light All is non-volatile C clears when the computer powers down D has a very fast refresh rate.

    B Dual-channeling is supported. C Parity is supported. rimm

    all unused rimm slots must contain a

    A CF card is an example of flash memory. Has two outputs when dual-channeling is used. A motherboard has two memory expansion slots colored blue and two memory expansion slots colored yellow. Two matching 2GB modules in the blue expansion slots Four matching 1GB modules in all expansion slots. A technician works for a college. Because the college is state funded, the technician feels that he should not rush around trying to solve all the computer problems.

    Time is not money to a state-funded institution. This way of thinking is. A user wants to upgrade their parents' computer, but the user has trouble installing the module on the workstation. What is the most likely problem? The user bought the wrong memory module.

    All unused RIMM slots must contain a. Which item is true for the provided information? This chip does not use ECC or parity error checking. Double-sided memory.

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